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Homemade Cafe Mocha

Need a caffeine pick up? Try making a homemade cafe mocha with a few simple ingredients!
Here is what you'll need:
- 1 tsp. drinking chocolate powder - 1 serving of coffee (I use a Starbucks Keurig cup) - 1/4 cup milk to steam or froth - 1 tsp. honey 
First I put the drinking chocolate in the bottom of the cup. Then, I brew the coffee and stir it.  Steam the milk with a milk frother. Top he coffee cup with the steamed milk. Add some honey to sweeten the drink. And there you have it! A delicious cafe mocha that is easy to make! 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Pretzels

So I found a recipe on Pinterest that looked so delicious! It is a recipe that includes pretzel dough and cookie dough. It took me almost 3 hours to finish it, but it is really good. The tricky part is rolling the dough once the cookie dough is inside it. Mine wasn't rolled up as neatly as the website had done theirs, but in the end it tasted like a sweet and salty treat! They are also huge, so you will have lots of leftover pretzel cookies!

The recipe I used was from this link: (Half Baked Harvest) 
I did not have any salt, so I made do without it. They still taste great! In the future I am going to roll them up better so they look more like pretzels!  Hope you enjoy these! Here are my pictures; the pictures on the website are much more photogenic.  Marie