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PB&J Banana Smoothie

Making a PB&J Banana Smoothie is easy and it tastes delicious. Recently I bought a jar of peanut butter with jelly mixed in, called Goobers. I was craving some peanut butter and jelly crackers, but I ran out of crackers. Instead, I was curious and search on Google peanut butter and jelly smoothies. I ended up improvising, but the result was amazing.
Here are the ingredients that you'll need:

- 3 Tbs. peanut butter
- 2 Tbs. jelly (I used the mixed jar of PB&J, so I put in about 3 Tbs. total)
- 2 chopped bananas
- 1 Tbs. honey
- 2 cups milk
- 1 cup ice

Combine all of these ingredients together in a blender, and blend for a few minutes, or until smooth.

Enjoy this delicious smoothie!


Sopapillas can be a difficult dessert to make. I have made them two times in the last few months, and they are hard to get just right! I do not have a deep fryer, so I use a deep pan on the stove instead. It is important to get the oil to the right the temperature, or else the sopapillas will not become puffy; they might burn instead. It is important to try the recipe more than once. Just because the sopapillas do not turn out the first time you make them, doesn't mean you shouldn't try making them again!

 Here is the recipe I used, adjusted from All 
- 1 2/3 cups of flour
- 3/4 tsp. baking powder
- 1 tbs. and 2 tsp. shortening/butter
- 1/2 cup and 2 tbs. warm water
- enough oil to fill the pan about 1 inch deep

- Combine the flour, baking powder and softened butter in a large bowl.
- Add the warm water and stir well.
- Roll out the dough and create 3 inch square shapes.
- Heat the oil in the pan for about 5 minutes, or until it is piping hot.
- When …

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Here's an easy recipe to make a delicious salad!

Ingredients: - 1 large cucumber  - 4 Roma tomatoes  - 3 tbs. oil - 2 tbs. vinegar - A few dashes of pepper
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate it for 1 hour.
There you have it! An easy, flavorful salad!

Easy Enchiladas

This a recipe for Easy Enchiladas! When I usually look up enchiladas, I do not have always have the correct ingredients (soup, salsa etc). Nonetheless, you can still make great enchiladas with minimal ingredients.

Here is what I use to make these delicious enchiladas:

- 6 flour tortillas
- 1 can of mild enchilada sauce
- About 1/2 bag of frozen chicken (or any type of chicken that you have)
- 2 cups of shredded cheese
- 2 tomatoes
- Black olives
- Sour cream

How to make Easy Enchiladas:
1. Preheat the oven to about 375 degrees.
2. Prepare the chicken. I microwaved the frozen chicken for a few minutes.
3. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
4. Mix the tomatoes and chicken together and cook on the stove for 5 minutes, just to let the 2 flavors mix together better.
5. Place a few spoonfuls of the chicken tomato mix inside each tortilla.
6. Put a little sprinkled cheese inside each tortillas.
7. Roll up the tortillas and place them in a greased baking dish.
8. Pour the enchilada sauce on…