Mason Jar Salads

My new favorite thing: mason jar salads. Since I work at World Market, I am surrounded by food and mason jars. One day I stumbled upon the mason jar recipe book. This book is AMAZING!! It has so many recipe ideas to make the perfect lunch or dinner. And, when you use a mason jar, the salad dressing goes in the bottom, so that your salad won't get soggy! It's genius! You can make a salad the night before and when you eat it the next day, it will still taste fresh. 
My favorite is the blueberry and corn salad. You can also mix it up, so you don't have to follow each ingredient. Just wing it! 
I usually add 3 Tbs. of vinegar based dressing. Then I add in tomatoes, peppers, green beans, or beets. Then I add in the lettuce or kale, the chicken or meats, and then add any seeds, nuts or cheeses. 
This book is by Julia Mirabella. 


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